Review Policy

Hi there!

I accept review requests for ARCs and published novels, you can contact me for the same at:

 I will consider all requests but reserve the right to refuse a book. I prefer the e-book format for reviewing books. You can either send me an eBook via  e-mail address mentioned above  or on Kindle at .

I will try my best to publish reviews on time. Please let me know a reasonable deadline for reviewing your book (if any) and your release date, so I can schedule it accordingly.

If by any chance I am not able to do a review, I will let you know beforehand.

Genres I accept:
  • Thrillers
  • Horror
  • General Fiction
  • YA
  • Indie
  • Dark Humour
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Graphic  Novels
  • Contemporary
Genres I won’t accept:
  • Political
  • Erotica
  • Paranormal Fiction (Vampire/Werewolf etc)
  • Religious
  • Self-help


All my reviews will be spoiler free and in around 500 words. They will be crisp, and will reflect my honest opinion about the book.

The review links will be shared on Goodreads, Twitter.


Rating Meter:

5        ♥              I am so amazed, I want to marry this book.
4.5     ♥  Close to perfection ☺
4        ♥ Wow, I love this.
3.5     ♥ So much fun!
3        ♥       Good! Could’ve been great
2       ♥  Thank goodness it’s over.
1        ♥ Bad, skip it. DNF


Interested? Feel free to get in touch with me. 🙂

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