On Hold for Sanity

To the two people  who read this blog, 

Thanks for sticking by.  

I am in a dilemma right now.  If you’ve noticed,  I haven’t  been putting much reviews up lately.  If you haven’t…well I don’t blame you. 
I consider myself a lover of books.  This does not  just include building a collection but reading it too.  Off late,  I wonder if this is even true! I have collected more books than I’ve read.

There was a time when I read alteast one book  a week.  Of course,  back then I didn’t  have much going on.  

Now,  things  have changed. I switched  jobs,  I am adjusting. Having a full time  job –  most of which I enjoy, – makes it hard to get through  books.  Of course then there are distractions.  It is much easier to escape through movies and shows and it is less time consuming. 

The social media too demands my attention, though  I am nowhere near active.  I am frustrated with having a phone on my hands at all times these days.  Ironic,  since I penned this post with it. 

I am questioning my self-titled tag of bookworm.  I have been skipping books lef and right.  Jumping from one to the other.  Of course I am reading stuff every day, but it is on the Internet. 

Although  I enjoy reading,  I am not liking the pressure  to do so. The book challenges and the constant self created pressure to post something on here,  it is making me dislike the journey of reading.  Really,  I don’t want to rush through a book just  for reviews. I am sick of it. 

So from now,  I plan  to take my time with reading and reviewing.  I feel it fits better with my routine and keeps me sane and less guilty.  Even if I end up reading one book in two months,  I want to make sure I’ve  given it justice and enjoyed the process of falling  into a plot.  I am giving  up hopes with numbers. Honestly,  at this moment,   I dont really  care for the numbers  and follows.  My other blog does that for me.  

If you followed to this blog for a new post every  week,  sorry to disappoint you.  No,  I can’t  promise  that.  Other book bloggers do this really well,  go follow them. I sometimes wonder  how they manage to live and be sane with that much activity  on their blog.  Like how?! It astounds me and it is inspiring but I am aware that I am incapable of that right now. 

So as of today,  I plan not to take on more ARC until further  notice.  I have some sitting  on my list for  a few months.  SORRY AUTHORS 🙏. 

I plan to finish these ARCs and pick up any future  book that holds up my attention.  I plan not to take any silly challenges. 

If you plan to stick with this blog, thanks.  If not,  that is  totally  fine. 

I am currently  reading:

The most dangerous place on earth (ARC) 



 I have a couple of ARCs on my list:

One of the boys


Keep smiling ☺ 



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