Stop Apologizing for All the Books You Haven’t Read

Very well stated!

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In 2013, the latest year I could find publication information, Bowker reported that 304,912 bookshad been published in the U.S. alone (including new titles and re-editions).  It seems evident that thesheer number of books now available means that no person can keep up with the market.  Even if you only read a certain genre or are an expert in a certain field and limit yourself to new scholarship in that area, even if you only try to read the new works published in a given year, let alone all the other major works previously published, you are unlikely to be able to do so.  Still, we pressure ourselves, and others, to have read every major release, to know every new book.

It almost seems as if our attitudes towards reading have not changed with the times and we continue to imagine that it’s actually feasible for…

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