October Wrap Up



I found this novel quite forgettable. As I am checking back my October reads, I couldn’t recollect the story. The alcohol abuse, messed up teen trope was overused. It’s a shame, the writing was engaging but the plot was a sham; the characters were relatable to some extent but I didn’t find myself rooting for any of them.

It felt unfinished, and to be honest, all these issues seemed like a prop to carry on the romance tripe. I’ve read better. I rather pick up Jennifer Echols any day.

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I am not a great fan of historical fiction.  This bunch of short stories and sketches changed that; it was steeped in cultural references and gave a close look at the brutal realities of the partition. Some of these stories were visceral shocking and at times gruesome. Wish I could read the original language, though. The translated work although good, could do with some finesse. A must-read for an introduction to the great Manto.

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This is my first time reading a wordless graphic novel. This one was short and absolutely engaging. The artistry, the use of shadows and highlights were used brilliance to capture the imagination. The unwritten story was haunting  and spooky. As I was reading (is that the right word?) I had a distinct feeling of falling into a rabbit hole. Something akin to the novel.

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