Major Update!

Hey guys,

Don’t be surprised if you find a new name on your WordPress Reader in a few days. I am thinking of changing the blog name.


Because right now its not matching up with the content  and doesn’t give an idea what the blog is all about.

Agree? Or no?

So the tentative blog name : This Fish Likes to Read (my Goodreads account name).

Why this name?

I am a Pisces and the content on here has been about books with a splash of rants. I believe the new name will reflect these without being over-dramatic.

What the change means?

You will see a new URL and Old Murky Heart will not be used further. I will be posting the new link address on here for you guys to follow up at the new blog. Don’t worry, all the content will be transferred from here. So basically its just renaming. Also the twitter name will change, although the handle name will be the same. Also expect a logo change.

I will be putting up similar posts, but better. Your support till now is much appreciated and look forward to it.

Share, like  and subscribe with your blogging friends, and hope to see you there! 😀

  • What do you think? Would so love to hear from you what you think about this change.


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  1. Yay for name changes!!🎉 I changed my name to Paper Fury (from Notebook Sisters) over a year ago and have tooootally never regretted it. :’) Did you know you can change your twitter handle too? I did, but I put my old blog name in brackets with my name for a while so people got used to it. hehe. BUT ANYWAY! I like your new name. And omg thanks for sharing my post!! 😀

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    • Will have to check the twitter it the same as separate handle? 👌 you blog is supercool, sadly its not on WP platform for liking n stuff. Love how it looks, with the post banners etc.
      Thanks for dropping by, hope to see u more. Definitely keeping up with your posts. Tc.


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