The Year Of Hundred Books

Yep,  that’s  my goal this year. 

I don’t  know how I am going to tackle that,  but 80 books is the minimum. Last year I had a measly target,  this year I want see how far I can push myself and will be reading books I already own.  

I am participating in Book Riot and 2016 Mount TBR Challenge. ( don’t ask me why, I  dunno either )

The books I want to concentrate  are series,  mostly fantasy novels. I was averse to the series thing,  since most of them happen to be average bullshit meant to sell mass market.  This year trying to keep an open  mind and read those.  

What  are your reading goals? 



    • Start easy. Read genres that are easy reads such as suspense thrillers, then expand to other genres. There is no rule, start with something that interests you


  1. I agree with you a little bit on the series. I used to read EVERYTHING in a series if I started the series. Now, since all fantasy books are fantasy series, I’m a little more discerning. I read the first book and stop there if I’m not really moved to continue with the sequels.

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