2015 Favourite Reads

So here’s another year end post.

This year was a decent; I kept low reading goals and achieved them. Next year is a different scary game altogether (stay tuned!) Here’s this year’s books that really stuck with me.

Prior to this book I wasn’t a fan of short stories. This Stephen King work changed that completely. The stories were spooky, had eerie atmosphere and is perfect for horror fans. Of course, anyone can enjoy these stories as they are really engaging. I would be reading this again.

First of Arnold’s work I read and I definitely want to read more. It has strong, sarcastic, funny and real characters and the lead to be a female one who embodies all that is such a rare thing these days. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

A short read but it is highly effective. Again, having a real character whose not all good or bad but somewhere in between. A mystery-suspense novel that goes the off-beat road and doesn’t bother with the predictable ending.

  • Evil Eye: Four Novellas of Love Gone Wrong

I am one of those unfortunate people who haven’t read much of Joyce. More than scary, its the prose that tries to sink in your skin and try to get spooky. It works.

I had voted this for the Goodreads awards and am so happy that it won. YA books 90% (no research done whatsoever) are the same story retold with different names. This one was a welcome change. It was listed in so many list this year, but it was well deserved. Heart-breaking and different it really stuck with me.



Yep that’s the list. Have you read any of them?

Which book you read this year is your favourite?




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