Book Review : Auburn -Outcasts and Underdogs (Auburn #1)

Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs (Auburn #1)

by Valerie Thomas

3 ♥ 5


Blurb: Auburn- Outcasts and Underdogs follows self-proclaimed outcast Ashley Nimzovitch through her freshman and sophomore years of high school, as she struggles to gain notoriety with her band and to gain acceptance at her school. 

Auburn is  a  novel by goodreads author Valerie Thomas. The novel depicts Ashley and Auburn’s (the bands) journey of making music, surviving high school and establishing themselves as a band.

My one qualm was the pacing of the novel, it was very detailed and therefore a bit slow. The plot in itself follows the enjoy the journey not the destination philosophy of sorts. Am assuming the rest of the plot will be revealed in the next part. Oh yes this is a two part series. I am not sure I like the idea of a sequel for this premise. It was a simple one, could have been done in one shot? Maybe the author has lot more in mind for the sequel!

Saying that, the novel catches up in the end.  The novel had  good some moments and none of those clichéd perfectly tied set ups. Let’s just say the author was keeping it real.

One character who I found brilliant is Joey, wish there was more of him. Hope that’s something to look for in the second part.

This is perhaps even a different attempt of the typical high school scenario. The nifty thing about this novel is the list of lyrics at the end, that was cool!
Expect to find  some good lyrics on the way. Overall a decent read, good writing and characters. This should appeal to the YA audiences, go check this one out.

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