It’s So Loud In Here

Picture by Ryan McGuire
Picture by Ryan McGuire

My mind. It runs off every chance it gets. Runs away that little bugger.

All this time I’ve deflected, so much that my mind is now trained to not think much. I don’t want to think how I feel. I don’t want to think at all.

That is not a good thing. In fact that’s where everything starts to screw up.

I fear if I let in, let a thought to seep in…  it’s going to be flooded sooner or later.

It’s the former one I guess.

Another issue with thinking is that it is very much alike a quicksand. Very much indeed.
You never know if you are too deep in it… and realize it only when you start sinking or stuck.

So  what’s the best thing to do?
Deflect or sink? Or maybe there’s something else altogether which I have no clue of?!


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