Display your picture here…

Display picture or profile picture or whatever the heck they are called these days. I hate them.
I am sure they were started off with right intentions but all it does now is encourage vanity. Does it matter?
I am not a big fan of those, I’d rather put a  quote or some picture which shows a little bit of who I am than what I look like.

I’ve been asked multiple times why I don’t stick my face on social platforms. I say why the heck should I. The basic logic is that people important to me and I whom I know, know what I look like. Why should I bother with a selfie everyday on there. The profile picture vanity is a real put off for me. This is not me trying to appear ‘holier than thou’. Most people are vain, me too but this is something silly. I don’t intend to cower but this line of questioning is silly not to mention downright annoying.

Does the world need to know what you look like before they meet you? Where’s the mystery, and the excitement of meeting someone new and the surprise of the first look. What about privacy? Do we really need to be out there in everyones faces? The status fever or the publicity of ones life is that necessary? Why are we so obsessed with celebrity? Now that’s a thought for another day.
But… I wonder…
I wonder if I am the only one against the concept of ‘profile pictures’?


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