Life is a Troll

Ranting ahead⚠

You know what life is? A troll. Yeah that’s right.

It just hits you,punches you in the gut outta nowhere.

As if it was lurking around just waiting for the moment; when you were at your best or worst ;  to pull it’s punches.

Any moment you think that “Now I have found my footing”, or “Oh.. I finally have this figured out” and BAM, you are gutted. Lying there on the metaphoric ground not knowing what just happened.

And then you realise, you were a fool.

A big one to even assume things were going as planned or that you finally figured the mess out.

Beware, it’s lurking right around  in the shadows to troll you. Oh yes, it has a laugh every single time my friend.
Every one of them.

Photo credit: Chris JoelCampbell


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