Of All The Useless Things

Listening is a skill.  A dead one. Yes it is already. RIP.

I am good listener, I would previously note that in my pros in applications and such. I am a good listener, right at  this moment I say that with a heavy heart. Not as a positive. Because honestly does it really even matter. There is so much noise going around back and forth. Chatter and shouts all around,  and you’d think listening should be a saving grace for most.


From my experiences I feel being a listener is a pain. There is no point. This day and age — to be heard, you’ve got to shout as loud as your lungs allow. Who really gives a s**t right?

It just hit me , for  the people I know I am someone, who they reach out to in times of troubles. That baffles me. No I don’t have a signboard that says “Come cribbing here” . These marvelous people, they disappear as easy as they come too! That’s even more baffling. Do listeners get something in return, you ask?
The answer is


So these so called unloaders do listen  as long as they get to  pipe in next. So yes ,”listening” is a curse, and here’s my case or rather why this is not a good thing to have:

1. People think they can shove their drama into your life.

2.  If you are a listener, you WILL be contacted in times of troubles. When the troubles go away, so do these people. In short you get used .

3.You get dropped off with  their excessive baggage and life dramas.

4. You get to hear the same s**t again and again.

5. Your life has lot of whining involved, and not from your part!

6. You are the secret keeper.

7. You WON’T find a listening ear in time of your need.

8 . You sometimes have to take sides.

9. The whining kinda gets boring after a while.

10. It’s almost as fun as a toffee stuck in your teeth.

11. It drains you out. Nothing like a good cribbing to dampen your spirit.

That said,sure being a listener is good sometimes but only when it’s reciprocated. Which I can vouch for is hardly the case these days.



  1. So true. So many ‘simple’ traits are non existant in todays generation. You start to feel like an alien ! I feel like an alien, with a big fat head and reallh huge glossy eyes! Its really sad and pathetic that people don’t know how to be people anymore as if they need to go to school to be taught how to be human.

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